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 Tuesday, 20 September 2011 – Written by thevinh   

A magic has come to the big family of Huong Duong - a home to the poor, dsiabled, and orphan children as there were 16 students have passed into universities in HCMC.


Lưu Thị Thu Hường và Xuân (ngoài cùng bên trái) cùng các bạn ở Trung tâm Hướng Dương trong bữa cơm gia đình
Huong and Xuan (outer on the left) with their counterparts at a lunch at HDC .

Huong Duong Patronage Center for Orphan and Disabled (HDC) (located at  Ward 2, My Phuoc Town, Ben Cat Dist., Binh Duong Province) was founded by the guitarist Nguyen The Vinh. When being a child, his right hand was once broken due to falling down while looking after the oxen. Because of improper treatment, his broken hand was necrotized then the orphan boy Nguyen The Vinh overcame tons of difficulties following his studies.

Gradated from a university, he came to Binh Duong doing teaching as well as playing the guitar and harmonica with his left hand for earning a living. Through his own life, understanding the situations of the students with difficulties, Nguyen The Vinh travelled a lot to search a single school and home throughout the country for finding children with a will of further study but in poverty. Being inspiring to the teacher, they came to HDC with a desire of becoming successful and useful people.

Brave sunflower petals.

The students all have disadvantaged backgrounds. Many of them are orphans of parentless while other have lost their parent, the living mother or father is too old to afford sending them to a school. Among the 16 pupils passing into universities, some have results with flying colors such as pupil Le Thanh Xuyen from Thai Binh Province, fatherless, whose mother has to go into someone’s service, scored 21 marks to pass into the HCMC University of Technology.

Student Cap Minh Luan, from Quang Tri Province, fatherless, scored 20 marks to pass into the Civil Science at University of Transport and Communications. Pupil Lê Tien Duy, from Binh Thuan Province, whose parents have to go into someone’s service and cannot earn enough money to support his living and study but he scored 12.5 passing into the Electronic of HCMC University of Technical Education. student Luu Thi Thu Huong, an orphan, from Thua Thien - Hue City, scored 21 marks passing into the Banking of the Saigon University...

When we came and visited the centre, they were together cooking for lunch. The other were preparing their afternoon lessons. Many of those who have passed into universities are now working for some local companies or factories.

Student Kinh Van Xuan, from Bac Binh Town, Binh Thuan Dist., who scored 18.5 marks passing into the Mathematics Education of the Saigon University said that: ” I am working as a security man for The Lien Hoa Alumina manufacture Company with a salary of 2 million dong per month. I will try best to save some money for my study in Ho Chi Minh City. Some other students at HDC, who have passed the university admission exam, are working as a security persons to earn some income like him, such as Tran Van Lam, Nguyen Dinh Phi, who both have passed into the Business Management of the Saigon University”.

Xuan told: “My family has 6 brothers and sisters, our father died since we were young and in very poor condition, so none of us had a chance to education. Luckily, I could finish the year 12 while I had to work on the farm for my family.

Student Luu Thi Thu Huong, who scored 21 marks passing into the Banking of the Saigon University, doing the washing-up while sharing to me: “ I am working for a textile company with a salary of approximately 2 million dong. During the summer, I have to take extra shifts up to 12 hours per day, working from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm. The other ones like Luan, Duy, Thanh, and My are also working for a textile or shoes-making factories like I am. We are studying and working hard so as to save some money for the school fees of our coming university studies.

Hường was born in 1993 and has a strong and mature voice. She is from Thua Thien – Hue City and her parent used to be pioneer youths during the new economy term in Da Teh, Lam Dong Province since 1978. She said that both of her parents died since she was a child.

A willing to study best to the end

All of the 16  sunflower petals having passed the university entrance have to work hard for their living and saving every penny for their coming expenses in the new school year. When being asked about the next difficult steps at university, they all confirm to try their best.

“During summer months, I can save some money from work and I will find a job in Saigon so I can cover my school fees. The centre’s teachers and friends have helped me a lot. Mr Vinh promised to take care of my university study. However, I want to earn income for my living and study by myself because there are till many younger generations who are high school students and indeed in need much more.”, shared the “security man” Kinh Van Xuan.

In spite of understanding how long and rough the way to university is, the orphan girl Luu Thi Thu Huong is still confident: “When coming to HCMC, I will find a job as a private tutor to cover my school fees. The other students from HDC will be in the same university or stay close together so we can share a rental room and save as much of our expenses as possible. We have been brothers for ages so we should protect and help each other in our living in the City. With our teachers and friends from the centre, we will be positive and willing to studying best to the end” ...

By Le Quang Minh (from Tien Phong Online)

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